Cluc Hotel Begur


“If you fall in love with Begur, you’ll be hooked on the Cluc”


I fell in love with Begur years ago. It all started when we rented an old farmhouse among siblings and friends at the start of the village. We restored it ourselves and filled it with life, with long after-dinner conversations, furniture and bits and pieces passed on from generation to generation.

Watching the sun go down one day, I realised that this place was magic, it had something special. Perhaps it was the light, the weather, the people, the coves or the coastal paths that follow the coastline. Perhaps it was the Tramontana wind that blows so strong and hits the back of your neck… Or perhaps it was a bit of everything. The question is that, after twenty-two years of wearing a suit and tie in a multinational company, I had the chance to turn my life around and I didn’t hesitate in packing my bags and moving permanently to Begur.

I opened the hotel with patience, excitement and a lot of work, restoring the building but maintaining its original essence as much as possible: the structure, the floors and the doors. I found some pieces of furniture in antique shops, others I ordered and others I bought from good designers. Most importantly for me, the Cluc oozes with simplicity as well as quality, and I have done everything I can to make sure it has everything that I myself missed as a guest.

It’s great to see how guests come down for breakfast with a big smile on their faces, discuss the move and tell me happy things. When they leave, most leave a comment or a drawing in the book at the entrance. And all this makes me happy.

I know that the Cluc is different to other hotels. We don’t have a Jacuzzi, a gym or a pool, nor do we serve breakfast in the rooms or pay lip service. I also know, however, that we have something that makes us special, and I can assure you that anyone who has stayed here will come back.

Because if you fall in love with Begur, you’ll be hooked on the Cluc.