Cluc Hotel Begur



Do not forget to bring comfortable shoes in the suitcase

  In Begur, this small village of Empordà, there is so much to do that you’ll be stunned and speechless when we will explain everything! We have a huge Historical Patrimony: archaeological sites, towers, archaeological sites, walled villages, churches, colonial-style homes … And all kinds of museums, including the Castle Gala-Dalí. The historic center will allow you to experience the charm of a seaside town, which is what it once was. And at the top you will find a medieval +Info


The last one, at the Honest Bar

  Imagine. It’s two in the morning. After a perfect night in Begur you arrive to your hotel, the Cluc, and you want to spend more time with your partner. You’d like to have a last drink. You have it! You go down the stairs, get to the Honest Bar of the hotel, and prepare your own GinTonic. Write down what you have taken and take it out to the terrace. The night is all yours. Chill, enjoy the moment!


This June, come 4 days to the Cluc. You sleep 3 days, you pay for 2

  Super offer! Just in June… 3×2 at the Cluc. In June, you can enjoy the promotion we offer you at Cluc Hotel Begur.   From Sunday to Thursday, if you book 3 nights through our website, you will only pay for 2! You have many days of June you can choose from: 5 to 9, 12 to 16, 19 to 23 and 26 to 30. You can spend 4 days in Begur … Probably the best moment to live the +Info


Certificate of Excellence 2016 TripAdvisor!

Our guests have given us the Certificate of Excellence 2016 TripAdvisor! Double prize! What a great reward! Thank you to our guests for their trust! Grateful to all for your comments and ratings. And for taking a moment to share your cluquera experience!


Taste for your palate

Begur cuisine reflects its location. Fresh seafood from our coast. Seasonal fruits and vegetables from ecological agriculture. First quality meat. Both in the village of Begur and its beaches, you will find a variety of restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine. Mediterranean, modern, traditional or seafood cousine. Ask for the most traditional ingredient of Begur cuisine, the rock fish.


Begur en Flor, flower art

If we ask about Begur, what’s the first that comes to your mind? “Begur’s perfect beaches! A place to spend my summer vacations!”And yes, this is true but if you think of Begur only in summer, you’re missing the real Begur! Do you know that in Begur we have activities throughout the year? Not only Fira Indians. Also Rockfish Gastronomic Campaign, Begur en Flor, Begur Underwater, Fira de Mar, Begur Music Festival, Begur International Film Festival, traditional market … Events +Info


Solo te diremos una cosa: ¡te mereces cluquear!

Porque sí, porque si has entrado hasta aquí es que te lo estás pensado y de verdad de la buena que Begur mola, el Empordá mola, la Costa Brava mola, nuestro hotel con encanto mola, desconectar también e irte de escapada romántica, más. Así que si quieres que te toque una habitación en el Cluc, escríbenos “qué es lo que más te gusta de un hotel” en la pestaña de CONTACTO, síguenos en Facebook ( y comparte la web en tu +Info


The Cluc Hotel Begur, is to be congratulated!

AD, Architectural Digest magazine, has dedicated us a great article in its last edition, April 2106: Time to rest. Cluc, or the beauty of simplicity. AD is a prestigious decoration, architecture, art and design magazine. Ediciones Condé Nast, with a philosophy that we share: “There are too many good and beautiful things in the world that should be seen (for the ugly and bad we already have the news).” We are more than happy about how the magazine reflects our +Info


Resting between flowers and books

Is it hard to imagine a home without flowers or books, right? We can not live without them. That’s why, in the Cluc Hotel Begur, we have the most beautiful library. The library was created by Robert Xicoira, for all the book lovers. Editions in different languages. Historical copies, novels, old dictionaries … Books that have passed from generation to generation. Our terrace is designed by our friend and super landscaper Maria Jover. Hydrangeas, bluebells, daisies, geraniums, ivy, aromatic plants +Info