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Begur en Flor, flower art

If we ask about Begur, what’s the first that comes to your mind? “Begur’s perfect beaches! A place to spend my summer vacations!”And yes, this is true but if you think of Begur only in summer, you’re missing the real Begur!

Do you know that in Begur we have activities throughout the year?

Not only Fira Indians. Also Rockfish Gastronomic Campaign, Begur en Flor, Begur Underwater, Fira de Mar, Begur Music Festival, Begur International Film Festival, traditional market … Events that allow you to enjoy Begur in all seasons.

And the best example is Begur en Flor!

From 27 to 30 May, Begur is all decorated with flowers!

Carpet of flowers in the streets, floral decoration, exhibitions of vintage photographs, lectures, workshops, children’s entertainment and musical performances.

And this year Begur en Flor is also Art in the streets. Artists decorate and paint the village!

We encourage you to discover this festival!